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 Bringing together sellers, buyers, and professionals advising both parties.
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An old adage states that the only constant is change. 

From our experience ...

Change in the absence of strategy often is reactive or directionless wandering. 

Change in the absence of relevant information is rather blind and especially vulnerable to becoming mired in competing opinions.

Organizations do not have idle or spare funds, time, and talent to expend in an unfocused manner. Yet, when it comes to change initiatives, many do so recurringly.

Constant improvement for the purpose of being ever more effective is vital if an organization wishes to lead or even to simply keep pace. Strategy and information inform change efforts, keeping them highly productive.


The Constant Group, Inc. is a professional services firm. We bring together strategy, data systems and information analytics, and change management expertise to advise executive leaders in for-profit businesses, not-for-profit organizations, education, and elsewhere in the public sector as they integrate and leverage contemporary practices and tools to constantly improve. 

We invite you to get to know our Principals. To help leaders succeed, we apply our distinctive blend of knowledge, skills, and experience gained from business management in well-run Fortune 100 corporations and successful small businesses, from advanced degree studies and top-tier consulting, and from starting and running businesses of our own.

We often work on a confidential basis and invite you to contact us to discuss your situation.

Experts within reach. Just ask.


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